Learn About Buying/Selling

Molecular Hemp Products

Do I need a medical license to sell?

No, a medical license is not required to sell. Selling CBD products is as safe as selling other over the counter supplements.

Why should I sell your products?

Our products get results, have the highest quality certifications and controls along the production and supply chain, and make excellent profits for health professionals. If you want happy patients and good profits, we are a superior partner for you.

Do you offer sales materials for sellers?

Yes. Our 5 brochures educate patients about the benefits of our CBD oils, introduce the brand, share the research, and discuss the common conditions people use CBD oil for. We also post scientific materials and tips to social media sites and encourage professionals to share our posts on your own social media pages.

Can I sell on my own website?

Yes. Let us know what your website address is, so we can add it to our list of sites that are authorized to carry our products.


Why should I buy your products?

We put exceptional care into formulating and delivering products that work at a price your patients can afford, and with good margins for professionals in mind too. Our Farm to Bottle blog post can help you better understand how careful we are in bottling the best oils in the CBD marketplace.

Do you sell direct to consumer?

We do, but our online store does not discount the display price of our products.  Health professionals have the option of offering our products at, above or below, retail prices in their own practices.

Do you provide discounts, or trials, for health care providers?

Yes, we offer discounted packages and case specials for professionals. Visit the CBD Professional Package page to purchase, or call (800) 687-5199 for quotes on our case specials.

If you want to learn more about us and get a free trial, you can sign up for our email program here: Learn and Get a Free Trial. Our email program includes educational science based guides, specials, and an exclusive free trial discount code.

How much do Molecular Hemp products cost?

Our products range in price from $$39.99 to $119, and vary based on the dosage of CBD. This price range may go lower or higher as we add more products to our portfolio.